Wood worm


Insect infestations will only occur if conditions are correct for the species concerned, this means that the right sort of timber, temperature and humidity levels must be present.

The infestation can be introduced by timber or furniture brought into the house that is already infested, or by the insect flying into the property. Some infestations will occur in conjunction with decay.

It is not always obvious that timber or furniture has an infestation until months later as many species will lay their eggs into crevices already in the wood where they remain unseen. The larvae will hatch and tunnel further into the wood all the while eating, growing and developing before exiting the wood creating the exit holes that we associate with wood worm.

Typical UK species
  • Wood boring weevils (Pentarthrum Huttonii & Euphrium Confine)
  • Common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum)
  • Bark borer beetle (Ernobius Mollis)
  • Death watch beetle (Xestobium Ruffovillosum)
  • Pinhole borer beetle (Ambrosia Beetle)
  • Powderpost beetle (Lyctus Brunneus)

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