Hygroscopic salts


Hygroscopic salts are left behind in the wall of a property after rising damp has occurred. The salts are contained in the ground water and are transported up the wall by capillary action as the moisture travels upwards past a non existent, damaged or bridged DPC. The salts are deposited in the wall but work their way to the surface as the moisture starts to evaporate.. They can be seen as a band of salt, typically at the maximum height of the rising damp.

hygroscopic salt - rising damp - DPC - damp proof course

The hygroscopic salt will continue to absorb moisture from the atmosphere even after the DPC has been fixed leaving the walls, plaster and internal decoration damp.

The removal of any plaster work that contains hygroscopic salt will be required after a DPC has been repaired or the source of the damp has been found and treated to stop the retention of unwanted moisture.

An inspection can quickly determine the extent of hygroscopic salt within the walls and plaster work.

Our inspections/quotes start from as little as just £30 for Residential or Commercial properties and is refunded in full when the work is carried out by us.

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