Damp Proofing


Rising damp, woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, condensation or mould? Need damp proofing?

It can be very worrying to think your property has a damp proofing problem and sometimes it is hard to diagnose the cause or know how to remedy it on your own.

Here at Oaks Preservation we look for the actual source of the damp problem and can advise on and provide permanent solutions. We are specialists in damp proofing and control.

We will not quote for unnecessary work and if there is a simple solution, we will provide information in our inspection reports that enable you to fix it yourself.

Frequently we get called out for damp when the problem is condensation resulting in mould. Our inspection report will explain the source of the issue and how to combat the problem. It could be as simple as making a few changes like opening windows now and again, drying clothes outside and covering saucepans when cooking.

Damp can also sometimes be simple to fix with a little effort. For instance, flower beds built up above the DPC (damp proof course) on the exterior of a building can cause damp inside the building because the damp proof course has been bridged resulting in rising damp. If caught quickly enough the solution is to simply lower the earth back down below the damp proof course and let the walls dry out. We can check the moisture and hygroscopic salt content in the plaster and walls to see if any further work is required.

Whether it is damp, dry rot, wet rot, woodworm, condensation or mould, call Oaks Preservation now on 0121 355 6007 to investigate and provide a full professional report on your damp proofing needs. We will get to the bottom of the problem and can help sort out quickly, effectively with minimum fuss and disruption.

Prices start from £180 + VAT for damp inspections local to Sutton Coldfield & £250 + VAT for timber and damp inspections. A sulphate test is priced between £600 & £800 + VAT – please contact us for more details.

We specialise in timber preservation and damp proofing and have been established for 36 years. No matter what the size of the building or problem the standard of attention and care remains at the highest level with a commitment to restore the building to good order with the minimum of disturbance to its occupants, using proven materials and techniques.