Guarantees are seen by many people as a statement of the confidence we have in ourselves and our work. We of course issue our 15 year guarantee on timber and damp course installations. In addition to this, the client is able to take advantage of an additional form of protection.

We are members of the Property Care Association. We are also contractors approved by Biokilcrown Chemicals, one of the major manufacturers and suppliers to the Building and Construction industry of Damproofing Chemicals, Timber Preservatives, Waterproofing Products.

A Biokil Crown Approved Contractor backs his confidence in his work and the materials used with a guarantee of 15 years, against a recurrence of the problem within that time. 15 years is a long time and many things can happen, including the company who issued the guarantee going into liquidation, this could render an ordinary guarantee worthless. The Approved Biokil Crown Contractor is initially responsible for honouring any remedial works that may be required under the terms of the guarantee, but should he go into liquidation, whether voluntary or involuntary, retire or cease trading the unexpired period of the guarantee will be honoured by Biokil Crown who will arrange for any necessary retreatment works to be carried out at no additional cost to the householder. The company issuing our 15 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee must have fulfilled the conditions and attained the standard required for acceptance as a Biokil Crown Approved Contractor. The Biokil Crown 15 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee covers materials and labour against a recurrence of Rising Damp, Woodworm, Wet Rot or Dry Rot or problems arising from John Newton dry lining in the treated area for a period of 15 years.
The Biokil Crown Ltd 15-year Protection Scheme Guarantee is accepted by Local Authorities, Building Societies, Banks, Housing Associations, Architects and by poperty owners who want the reassurance that the issued guarantee provides them with long term total protection on the works originally carried out. “