Penetrating damp


Penetrating damp can be caused by many factors but are mainly down to the state of repair of the building.

Damaged and blocked guttering, leaky down pipes,  cracked render, worn masonry and crumbling stonework can all cause water to run directly on to the brickwork of the building and eventually penetrate through to the inside causing damp patches and mould. Other damage such as leaking roofs and poorly fitting or rotten window frames can all lead to water getting in to the building.

If moisture is penetrating the wall then the building material is at risk of the freeze thaw action from the weather increasing the risk further of water getting in. The source of the damp needs to be found quickly before more damage is done.

Once inside the plaster work, decoration and wood work are all at risk of damage. Mould and mildew are also likely to occur and lead on to health risks.

Sometimes identifying the source of the problem can be difficult so call in the experts who will find and fix the problem for good.

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