Many people will encounter specialist companies such as ourselves for the first time when purchasing older houses. Building societies and banks now frequently call for an inspection to be made and a report submitted to them on properties 30 years old or more being considered for a mortgage.

Other people such as estate or site managers who deal with the maintenance and repairs of buildings on a day to day basis may be even more conversant with the problems that can beset properties.

All our inspections are carried out by experienced, fully trained and qualified staff, who will identify the problems that affect the building, the cause and effect of such defects and the necessary remedial action to be taken.

A comprehensive report is submitted, detailing all the surveyors findings and his recommended course of action. Our reports are formulated to give a clear picture of the buildings condition without baffling the layman. The works included in our quotation are stated clearly as well as any other work necessary to protect the property.